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#42 February, 2020
Dear Family and Friends;
R. I. N. O.
         I’m guilty of voting for Mitt Romney when he ran for President in 2012. He was running against BO and I was looking at the best of two evils. Actually I would have lost either way. I would have lost either way in 2008 as well. Except, to be honest, I really voted for Sarah Palin instead of John McCain. Republicans have not always been the party to vote for. Some of their possibilities proved even worse than BO - although not by much. I just believe politicians, in general, are a group to avoid. We, as the voting public, are getting used to a non-politician doing a better job than any regular politician could do. Maybe this is a trend we need to continue to pursue.
Case in Point: Bernie Sanders is the epitome of a Democrat gone crazy. The biggest problem we have today is that neither the Democrats nor Republicans are the best representatives for us lowly Americans. Both parties have so many flaws that the only way to solve it is to throw them all out and start over. Probably can’t do that, especially now, but it would solve a lot of problems. Ever since LBJ’s term in office, the Democrats have taken the attitude that they are the only party that should rule. That feeling has since multiplied terribly to the point that we are at today. Democrats will do and say almost anything to get votes, especially from the younger voters. Sure - who wouldn’t want FREE this and FREE that? The trouble is that they are all short sighted. The ONLY thing FREE in this land - or any other - is your belief in GOD. You still have to earn that freedom, but it really costs you nothing. That one free item isn’t tolerated by the Democrats. Why trust in God when you have Democrats to protect you? YES, my friends - all you have to do is vote it in - BUT you have to shoot your way out. AND if you have no guns, that becomes a problem. What socialist or communist country do you know that did great things for the people? NOT ONE that I know of and I’ve been around for a long time. Millions have died or killed living in this sphere of influence. I would take that warning as pure FACT and wouldn’t touch either political framework with a ten foot stick. I’m begging every person - young and old - to think about this and not act stupidly at the voting booths. These buffoons aways promise free things, BUT there is NOTHING FREE that the government can offer that hasn’t been paid for by someone else.
May the Good Lord continue to bless our Country and President Trump