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Ron Berger

The Tip of the Iceberg

February 2, 2018 may not go down in history like I thought, but it definitely is the beginning of something that we haven’t seen before.  We can use Winston Churchill’s famous words - “this is not the end and it is not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning”.  

We learned, on the second, the inner workings of the Obama administration and how they regulated our investigation organizations.  It wasn’t a pretty reading experience, but it did point to how the last eight years were run.  ANYONE AND I MEAN ANYONE who cannot see the criminality being performed in this memo is part of the problem facing this country.  

I had a falling out with our ex. pastor after I sent him #19.  His words were that he still can’t wait for President Trump to be impeached.  He is one of the most diehard liberals around today and ranks right up with Nancy and Chuck.  For one that still considers himself a “pastor”, he cannot believe that Killary didn’t win and that we should have demanded that BO stay on for another term.  I’m sure glad that he isn’t our religious leader anymore.  

I truly believe that Donald J. Trump was destined to be President by the highest source.  I’m not the only one to realize that DJT overcame the highest odds to win this battle.  Not being a politician, disliked by both parties, beating out 15 other Republicans and winning the “rigged” election that had already proclaimed Killary the winner.  You just have to believe that God also voted, which cancelled all opposition votes.  This is what you call being a witness to a miracle.  God works in mysterious ways.  

Make America Great Again 

May God BLESS our nation - AGAIN.          

Thanks for listening.  Ron.   

Praise the Lord for He is Good and His mercy endurith forever.

Thanks for listening.


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Upon leaving home at age 17, I spent 4 years as an air traffic controller with the US Air Force.  Entering civilian life I studied architecture and became a Superintendent with a local builder.  I spent 41 years in the construction industry while also opening two businesses, a Designing Firm and a Construction Firm.  

I started writing, after retiring and continue to this day.  I presently live with my wife in Northern California. We have three children, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
  • Registered ​​​Building Designer in California from 1964 - 1986
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2020 is just around the corner - FIRST lets get rid of as many liberals as possible in 2018

Donald J. Trump

Let's make our country GREAT AGAIN


He that beliveth and is baptized shall be saved - even you liberals.
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