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Ron Berger

Do You Have Inspiration? 

When I was young, maybe 8 or 9, I wanted to build things.  Several years later I pulled off our rickety back porch, since I deemed it unsafe, and had no idea what I was going to do next.  My Dad came home that night and couldn’t figured out where the porch went.  The temporary boxes I had set up were of no value since his balance was lubricated to a high level.  I was lucky my Mom was there to prevent me from meeting my Maker.  

The next morning I arrived at an answer to the beginning.  I found an old screen door frame, which was quite heavy, and it was the exact size of the old porch.  I was able to secure it in place after finding enough lumber for the legs, but I was still missing the decking.  About the time I was giving up, the lumber truck arrived with1”x 8” tongue and groove sheeting, my dad ordered the lumber, and now all that remained were the steps.  The day after, I found enough lumber to make the steps and safety was restored.  

My first experience in building didn’t deter me from trying again and again.  I worked one summer with a small builder and I worked on several new houses, doing some roofing, cutting down a barn hit by lightening and building a large feed trough.  I had to put my building feelings aside for awhile and didn’t take them up again until after my tour in the Air Force.  

I also had a desire to write some books.  I somehow acquired a ream of paper and I started to write.  It was a dark and stormy night . . . was the first and last words on paper.  I never went any further.  

I also had a desire to do some drafting.  I thought it would be very gratifying to put on paper and then witness it becoming a reality.  The drafting and building “itches” got to me when I was discharged and I was college bound.  The architectural classes led to my first job with a local builder and combining with my drafting desire 41 years quickly flashed by.  

I built over 7,000 single family homes, apartments, condos and small commercial projects as well as becoming a Registered Building Designer and later, an Architect in the State of California.  I also had two businesses, one drafting with my Father-in-Law and another building with a carpenter friend.  

I only mention these things because around 1945 when my brother was in bed with polio, he asked our mother what would be a good occupation to get into.  She thought for a few minutes and then said - “an accountant or an architect”.  He went into accounting and you know what I went into.  

During my 41 years in construction I often said I would write a book about somethings that happened.  Well - being retired I started and haven’t stopped yet.  Twenty-eight published and several more in the works.  BUT - I now have a hankering to do something else.  I’m sure that if you observed my “Berger Reports” that I like to tinker with logos, business cards, letter heads, web sites and anything that, for me, is fun to do.  

Only in America can one person start out being a destroyer of porches and end up being an architect and publishing books.  Destroying things never suited me, but building did. I’ll have to say that I think I’ve touched all the bases, but the Good Lord keeps putting interests in front of me and keeps my mind working even though the body is dragging far behind.  


Praise the Lord for He is Good and His mercy endurith forever.

May God BLESS our nation - AGAIN.

Thanks for listening.

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Presently, I have 28 published books.  Personal experiences, my political views and children's books.  I also have one mystery book.  All are available on

My other "in progress" book - Double Trouble  is still about 40% done.  It will be awhile yet.

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Still Working

Started a new one.  Should be ready by  2019

Upon leaving home at age 17, I spent 4 years as an air traffic controller with the US Air Force.  Entering civilian life I studied architecture and became a Superintendent with a local builder.  I spent 41 years in the construction industry while also opening two businesses, a Designing Firm and a Construction Firm.  

I started writing, after retiring and continue to this day.  I presently live with my wife in Northern California. We have three children, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
  • Registered ​​​Building Designer in California from 1964 - 1986
  • Registered Architect in California from 1986 - 1999 (retired)



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