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Ron Berger

The Tip of the Iceberg

February 2, 2018 may not go down in history like I thought, but it definitely is the beginning of something that we haven’t seen before.  We can use Winston Churchill’s famous words - “this is not the end and it is not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning”.  

We learned, on the second, the inner workings of the Obama administration and how they regulated our investigation organizations.  It wasn’t a pretty reading experience, but it did point to how the last eight years were run.  ANYONE AND I MEAN ANYONE who cannot see the criminality being performed in this memo is part of the problem facing this country.  

I had a falling out with our ex. pastor after I sent him #19.  His words were that he still can’t wait for President Trump to be impeached.  He is one of the most diehard liberals around today and ranks right up with Nancy and Chuck.  For one that still considers himself a “pastor”, he cannot believe that Killary didn’t win and that we should have demanded that BO stay on for another term.  I’m sure glad that he isn’t our religious leader anymore.  

I truly believe that Donald J. Trump was destined to be President by the highest source.  I’m not the only one to realize that DJT overcame the highest odds to win this battle.  Not being a politician, disliked by both parties, beating out 15 other Republicans and winning the “rigged” election that had already proclaimed Killary the winner.  You just have to believe that God also voted, which cancelled all opposition votes.  This is what you call being a witness to a miracle.  God works in mysterious ways.  

Make America Great Again 

May God BLESS our nation - AGAIN.          

Thanks for listening.  Ron.   

Praise the Lord for He is Good and His mercy endurith forever.

Thanks for listening.

    As much as I hate to think about it - I believe it to be true.  We have done and continue to do the same sins that doomed these two cities.
    If you consider yourself among God’s people, you need to take heart and stand up against the evil that is surrounding all of us.  The liberal establishment is doing everything they can to turn us away from what’s right.
    These people know what’s right and wrong, but they have chosen the wrong path because it is easier.  Whether it’s local, State or Federal, the corruption flourishes.  How long do you think that we can survive this evil before the final curtain falls?
    There maybe nothing we can do to prevent this final curtain, but I would like to be able to say that I tried to keep it on the straight and narrow.
    We have all been endowed with different talents and are expected to use them to please God.  Mine might be sitting at my computer and writing this report.  Yours might be to read it and tell others to wake up and smell the coffee before it boils over and burns us all.  I, for one, look forward to the curtain coming down for the last time since I won’t have to keep writing these reports.
    Most Americans don’t have any trouble understanding this.  BUT, a large group, called liberals, progressives, socialists, communist or Democrats ( even a number of Republicans ) seem to want God to drop the curtain.   I, for one, feel like I’ve paid the full price of admission and want to see all the glorious things God has in store for me and my family while I still have my eyesight.  I, surely, do not want to see that time period cut short.  I’m already reaching the end of my term on earth and I look forward to a NEW DAY - EVERY DAY.     
May the Good Lord continue blessing our country and our President.
Thanks for listening - Ron
The ONLY real choice
you have this Nov.   VOTE REPUBLICAN
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Sodom &
​Gomorrah time again

More of my Views

Dear Americans:
    Last week we lost what many Americans called a “hero”.  Although, losing someone close is always tragic, I cannot but wonder if those “hero worshipers” really know John McCain.  There is another side to the story that many don’t want to hear.
    Was John a REAL HERO?  Maybe he was more like a “Hanoi Jane”.  The story about how John caused the death of 130 navy men by his carless actions and how he got preferential treatment from the North Vietnamise because his father was an Admiral and so was his grandfather.  Many of his “fellow POW’s” will testify to his shortcomings as a loyal American.
    I do not like to speak ill of the dead, but John really started to show his true colors when he was pictured with George Soros and Barack Obama.  We know he turned RINO and bashed President Trump at every turn.  Also voting against dissolving ObamaCare really showed his true feelings and “forbidding” President Trump from being at his funeral.  I don’t think this all deserves the “HERO” treatment.
    We also know that his military record was “cleansed” when he became a Senator.  The ship, planes and human beings that were damaged or lost just don’t show up.  He also left his first wife when he realized that he would be a Senator - the one that stood by him during his service and incarceration days.
    Sorry - but, I can’t believe he was the All-American Hero.  I voted for him or rather for his choice for Vice President, Sarah Palin.  Anything would have been better than BO.  However, looking back with what I know now, I really don’t know if it would have been better.
    It’s really amassing to realize how many “mistakes” our country can make and still remain BLESSED.   

May the Good Lord continue blessing our country.

Thanks for listening - Ron



    With all the corruption in DC and spreading the blame to both sides of the isle, it’s not about Liberals and Conservatives or Democrats and Republicans anymore, it’s about Socialism and Capitalism.  BUT the only way we have to combat this is to vote REPUBLICAN since they are the only side of the ledger that seem to want to keep capitalism.
    So many Democrats are speaking out in favor of Socialism that it sounds like a broken record.  The corruption is so thick in DC that it’s impossible to see the bottom of the pit.  They’re putting illegals ahead of citizens and favoring border jumpers and killers over victims and law enforcement.
    Their own Democrat party has lost respectability that will take years to make-up.  Being able to live in a country where you have the opportunity to make a better life for yourself seems to have lost it’s allure.  Now so many want everything for FREE.  Thats how Communism starts.  For the government to give you everything free they first must take something away.  Those would be our rights guaranteed by the CONSTITUTION.
    The government is not good at making money by earning it.  They print  more and more of it which weakens the actual money we have.  Soon our debt is beyond re-paying and then prices escalate and we get deeper in debt and then we owe our soul to the company store.
    Now when the government sees that we are beyond fiscal redemption, they start giving things away, which suckers in more liberals that have no idea of how socialism works.  Soon, even that has to stop since those that work see those that don’t and still get everything free, they, also, quit working and get on the “free-loader cart”.  Even Margaret Thatcher, England’s one time Prime Minister said, “the problem with socialism is that you soon run out of other people’s money”.
    Those liberals that talk the loudest and most often know exactly how socialism works.  They continue to promise you the moon to get your vote and then when elected they start taking things away.  Now those that didn’t have much to start with soon start to receive “free stuff”. Now they have no inspiration to better themselves - they will just let the government give them things.  Every election time we go through the same crap.  THERE IS NOTHING FREE.  EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE.   
    The liberals are already talking about doing away with the Tax Reduction we just received and raise the taxes even higher. Soon you will turn over your entire paycheck just so you can have free medical, etc.  Then you can buy things on your credit card and watch the balance go up and up.  Then your card company will cancel you as well as many more and soon they will go out of business.  It’s a domino effect and you can’t save it.
    Beware, if you received your college education at a liberal one.  You will find that they were not the higher learning citadels you believed.  They are proficient in mind warping and pretending to give you the best learning experience available.  If you were a conservative going in, you’ll be a liberal coming out.
    Keep in mind that those that speak the loudest are the ones that have the most to lose.  So many of them feel they are untouchable and laugh at attempts to prosecute them.  One lies for the other and actually both are guilty.
        May the Good Lord continue blessing our country.

Thanks for listening - Ron
My Views
Upon leaving home at age 17, I spent 4 years as an air traffic controller with the US Air Force.  Entering civilian life I studied architecture and became a Superintendent with a local builder.  I spent 41 years in the construction industry while also opening two businesses, a Designing Firm and a Construction Firm.  

I started writing, after retiring and continue to this day.  I presently live with my wife in Northern California. We have three children, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
  • Registered ​​​Building Designer in California from 1964 - 1986
  • Registered Architect in California from 1986 - 1999 (retired)



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Donald J. Trump

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2 Timothy 4:3,4
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